Emergence Therapeutics’ science is being harnessed to develop best-in-class or first-in-class antibody drug conjugates (ADCs) for the treatment of solid tumors. Our aim is to target difficult to treat tumors with high efficacy, lower risk of side effects and the ability to avoid resistance. Our lead investigational product is an ADC against Nectin-4.

Nectin-4 has been clinically validated as an ADC target by enfortumab vedotin, recently approved for the treatment of urothelial cancers by the US FDA. It is highly expressed by many different cancers and has a very limited expression in healthy tissues, especially compared to many other ADC targets.

Emergence is developing a next-generation Nectin-4 ADC, ETx-22, which has been optimized to increase efficacy and minimize toxicity – particularly skin toxicity which is dose limiting for enfortumab vedotin. ETx-22 has shown to be selective for tumor-expressed Nectin-4 and has tumor-specific deconjugation resulting in reduced toxicity. As a result, the ADC has an improved therapeutic index which gives potential for higher dosing, increasing the efficacy of the treatment.


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